Traumatic Brain Injury

“If the human mind were simple enough to understand, we’d be too simple to understand it.”
Emerson Pugh

The mind is the most distinguishing faculty of mankind. When it is injured the consequences are of course significant. Even mild traumatic brain injuries can change the very nature of a person, or affect the person’s judgment, forever. The seeming invisibility of such injuries also inflicts a form of suffering.

Neuroscience is still a relatively new discipline. The correlation between a specific area of the brain and a particular function tracks back to just 1848, when railroader Phineas Gage’s behavior changed after he survived an obvious brain injury in an explosion, destroying his left frontal lobe. Now neuropsychologists apply batteries of standardized tests to isolate specific deficiencies in cognition. On the horizon, functional MRI testing allows a visualization of the brain while being tested.

While the science is progressing, the tests are still quite deficient at demonstrating deficits in behavior as a result of brain injury. Advancing a claim for a person with a brain injury requires a very broad approach. Our first concern is helping you recover the best you can. This means helping to find funding for and coordinating treatment. This typically involves the assistance of occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, rehabilitation support workers, Neuro-psychologists neurologists and psychiatrists.

Even mild traumatic brain injuries can change the very nature of a person

Advancing a claim for brain injury means really understanding you, before and after the accident. In addition to obtaining expert opinions from your treatment team, we have to speak with as many people who knew you before and after the accident as we can to demonstrate the truth of the change in behavior.

TRIAL: In Jerry’s Story (Pelletier v. O.P.P.) you can appreciate how hard we worked to demonstrate to the court the effect of a mild traumatic brain injury on a person whose life before the accident was already very troubled. We are very proud to have recovered $3.5M for him, and to have protected his future.

We’d like to help with your recovery and future.

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