Spinal Cord Injuries

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles”
Christopher Reeve

The frightening consequences of a spinal cord injury are both self-evident and not. Many people can envision the frustration of moving about in a wheel chair. But that is just the beginning. For those with hemiplegia, paraplegia or tetraplegia, such injuries are also accompanied by a diminishment in personal dignity, as the injured person becomes reliant on others for very personal care. Subtleties such as not being able to stand eye-to-eye with people, will companions walk behind instead of along the side and many other significant yet nuanced challenges face the person whose spinal cord has been damaged. Often such injuries are accompanied by depression, anger, and feelings of vulnerability. Yet time and again, with proper funding, we do see such individuals persevere and adapt.

Our first role is to assist in assembling, and finding funding for, a team of medical professionals to help you recover as best as possible. Then, with you, and experts, we contemplate all manner of services and devices that might improve the quality of your life. For example, we hire architects whose sole occupation are solving design problems faced by those with mobility challenges. Of course we also recover funds for the change in the person’s earning potential and an amount to recognize the change in their life.

Yet time and again, with proper funding, we do see such individuals persevere and adapt

Spinal Cord Injuries case

TRIAL: In Goff v. Kyte and East Gwillimbury 88 O.T.C. 81, Tim Boland was successful at trial in representing, a 19 year old who suffered a spinal cord injury, paralyzing him through his trunk and lower extremities. He was a passenger in a single vehicle collision. In addition to an award for loss of income and other categories, the trial judge also awarded $1.92 Million dollars in recognition of future services to improve Mr. Goff’s life, including funding for vacation assistance, recreational activities, and future housing, etc.

We do hope that one day a cure will be found. We are encouraged by the research of Gregoire Courtine and his research into a personalized Neuro – prosthesis. And we are excited by the research of the Nicolelis Lab (www.nicolelislab.net) concerning prosthetics controlled by brain waves. Until such time, however, our aim is to restore the injured as best money can.

We’d like to help with your recovery and future.

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