Skiing Accidents

It is no surprise that skiers and snowboarders often suffer injury because of their own mistakes.

While the risk of injury is accepted, what ought not be accepted is the risk of injury because of the ski hill or ski patrols negligence.

Was the lift properly maintained? Were the features of the terrain park properly designed? Did the construction crew follow the design drawings? Did the terrain park manager needlessly install dangerous features like rollers, when tabletops would suffice? Were features properly marked? Did a skier cut across a trail and collide with someone? Did the ski patrols respond in time?

We cannot accept the risk of injury because of the ski hill or ski patrols negligence


Such cases are amongst the most challenging to advance as so much depends on evidence that changes as the day passes. Boland Romaine ski accident lawyers are amongst the best at advancing such claims. We are skiers ourselves. We retain ski hill experts from Norway to Colorado, meteorologists to advise us of historical weather conditions and experts in optics to assist us with arguments pertaining to visibility.

We’d like to help with your recovery and future.

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