Burns and Disfigurements

It may surprise you to learn that a home can be completely consumed in flames in less than 3 minutes, and that a person typically has less than 2 minutes of hearing the fire alarm to escape, according to the Ontario Fire Marshal. According to the Ontario Trauma Registry 2012 Report: Hospitalization for Major Injury in Ontario, for those with major trauma caused by burns, such patients typically undergo 6 surgeries/treatments, on average.

Recovering from a burn injury is not an easy process. We recognize that you will need to spend an extended period of time in hospital recovering and this will undoubtedly result in lost earnings. You will need significant care following your discharge, from helping with dressing, with changing bandages, to physiotherapy. Struggles with depression, anger and feelings of reduced self-confidence and self-esteem are all understandable in these circumstances and are often assisted by consultations with professionals. In the event of such a catastrophic injury, it is important to have the support and advice that an experienced personal injury law firm can provide.

Sometimes establishing fault in a barn can be straightforward, such as a case we had involving a homeowner who did not properly store highly flammable methyl hydrate, and a child was burned when playing matches with the homeowner’s son. Sometimes establishing fault can be very complex. For example, we are currently involved in litigation involving the alleged improper design of a drain cleaner container (hydrochloric acid) which spilt onto a child.

A person typically has less than 2 minutes of hearing the fire alarm to escape

Burns and Disfigurements

TRIAL: In a trial Darcy Romaine conducted in 2009, we obtained the highest award for pain and suffering yet granted to a burn victim by a judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The trial judge awarded $100,000 to our client, Mr. Taylor, when he sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his left arm (14% of its body). (http://canlii.ca/t/22rfw)

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