Bike Accidents

There is perhaps no greater feeling of freedom than when a person learns to ride a bike. Cycling is a remarkable activity that is low impact, supports a healthy lifestyle, is good for the environment and reduces traffic. However, our cities are designed around the automobile, and the cyclist is a very vulnerable person when sharing the road with cars and trucks. The Canadian Institute for Health Information reports that for 2009 – 2010, cycling injuries were the most common cause of injury of summer sports and recreational activities, and accounted for 1/2 of all hospital admissions in that category.

Boland Romaine has successfully advanced claims on behalf of cyclists in relation to product failure, as featured in Mark’s Story, and collisions with vehicles, as featured in Jerry’s Story, which resulted in a damage award in excess of $3.5 Million: Pelletier v. O.P.P.

Mark’s incident resulted in a damage award in excess of $3.5 Million

We are very concerned about children involved in bicycle accidents. Between 2001-2002 and 2009-2010, hospital admissions for cycling injuries were most common among children and youth younger than 20, with 10 – 14 year-old boys hospitalized the most frequently. Since 2009, Boland Romaine has funded and run the York Region chapter of the Ontario Trial Lawyer’s Helmets on Kids program. We have paid for and distributed thousands of helmets to elementary school children.

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