Advances in prosthetics are closing in on life-like limbs. Traditional prosthetic arms, for example, only had 3 movements. The state of the art prosthetic arms, in beta testing, are now up to 22 movements, can lift up to 60 lbs, and have fingertip nodes that detect pressure, vibration and temperature. State of the art prosthetic legs have motorized springs, which provide a powered ankle push-off, as organic ankles do. With the advent of 3D printing, industrial designers are able to provide form to prosthetic, modeled off of the opposite limb, even augmenting the prosthetic stylistically to help restore a person’s sense of self and individuality.

We strive to recognize and obtain funding for the cutting edge of prosthetic design

We strive to recognize and obtain funding for the cutting-edge of prosthetic design. We can help to ensure that you receive all necessary support and treatment to come to terms emotionally with your amputation and to maximize your level of physical recovery. We retain experts at the forefront of their profession to establish the merits of your legal claim; to quantify the true lifelong costs associated with your injury; to ensure that your future is protected, your lost earnings are replaced, and all your future medical needs are covered.

We’d like to help with your recovery and future.

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