Darcy Romaine

Representing the injured has been my responsibility since 2003.

I attribute the success that I have had to two factors: first, really getting to know the person I’m helping, their friends, employers, and family; and, Second, a desire in every case to find a new way to consider an old problem and a better way to present a fact or argument.

I am proud of the cases that I have advanced through trial, and appeal, the laws that have changed for the better, and the life changing help that I have been able to give to those who were previously strangers to me. I am generally recognized as having unique knowledge in trials involving municipal liability, and I am a frequently asked to publish on the topic, to speak at conferences, and to provide commentary to news services, such as Global News. I have won cases involving pedestrians, motorcyclists, motorists, snow plows, and premises occupiers, in which the injured suffered a brain injury, back injury, burn injury, fractures to joints or psychological injuries.

By way of background, I am the son of an R.C.M.P. investigator and introduced at an early age to forensic investigation. I worked in a variety of industries throughout my schooling, and played a variety of sports, both of which have given me an appreciation for what it is to spend a day-in-the-life as my clients did before their injury.

By education, I have an undergraduate degree from the University of Ottawa in Philosophy, which focused on predicate logic and classical argument. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in English literature, which helps me tell a person’s life story, weaving in archetypal themes. I have also trained for 5 years at the Academy of Art Canada in classical poetic realism, in which anatomy was a core component.

In 2012, I received from the Ontario Trial Lawyer’s Association the Outstanding Young Lawyer Award, given to an OTLA member in recognition of exceptional commitment to “Verdicts, not settlements, offer an objective insight into the judgement, confidence, knowledge and ability of the lawyer you choose.”. In 2010, I was also elected to the OTLA board of directors, in which I serve on committees ranging from distributing bike helmets for kids to creating a standard of excellence for all personal injury lawyers. I was also the OTLA representative selected to review Ontario’s proposed Protocol for Traffic Injury Management, to question its authors and make submissions to the province.

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