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Advances in prosthetic are closing in on life like limbs. Traditional prosthetic arms, for example, only had 3 movements. The state of the art prosthetic arms, in beta testing, is now up to 22 movements, can lift up to 60 lbs, and have fingertip nodes that detect pressure, vibration and temperature…
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Amusement Park Accident

Amusement Park Accidents

Amusement park rides are marvels of technological development. Their design requires mastery of physics, engineering, materials and mathematics….
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If another person’s purposeful conduct result in you being injured or harmed, that person is responsible for the injuries he/she cause you, and the changes for your future….
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ATV & Snowmobile Accidents

Hitting the trails on an all terrain vehicle or snowmobile is a provincial past time. Thousands of kilometers of trails exist throughout the province of Ontario not to mention the multiple frozen lakes that are available to a snowmobile enthusiast….
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bike accidents

Bike Accidents

There is perhaps no greater feeling of freedom than when a person learns to ride a bike. Cycling is a remarkable activity that is low impact, supports a healthy lifestyle, is good for the environment and reduces traffic….
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building code

Building Code

Ontarians have a right to expect that buildings will be constructed to be safe, in accordance with sound design principles and building codes…
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Burns and Disfigurements

Burns and Disfigurements

It may surprise you to learn that a home can be completely consumed in flames in less than 3 minutes, and that a person typically has less than 2 minutes of hearing the fire alarm to escape, according to the Ontario Fire Marshal…
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chronic pain

Chronic Pain

Due to its very nature, chronic pain cannot be detected by traditional measures, including x-rays, CT scans or MRIs. However, this does not mean that chronic pain does not exist. It simply means that such cases are harder to litigate…
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disability claims

Disability Claims

Long Term Disability benefits are marketed and intended to protect your income if you become too ill or injured to work….
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dog bites

Dog Bites

Dogs are trusted companions, members of our families, guides to the blind, and a critical part of many police forces. However, some are vicious, and cause serious harm and sometimes death….
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Injuries to Children

Injuries to Children

Accidents involving children must be handled delicately and patiently. The injury and hospital visits are traumatizing on their own, and the child should be protected as much as possible from the effects of a lawsuit….
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Joint Injuries

Joint Injuries

230 joints create the poetry in motion that is the moving human body. Our joints are marvels of Bioengineering allowing us to move with an utter sense of effortlessness. But when a person damages one of their joints, especially their shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee or ankle, the functional impact is profound…
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motor vehicle accident

Motor Vehicle Accident

In 1886 Karl Benz filed the first patent for an automobile, the Benz Patent-Motorwagen. It is the greatest mechanical invention of the 19th century. It has shaped our cities and culture, and shrunken our world….
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motorcycle accident

Motorcycle Accident

“In a car you’re always in a compartment, and because you’re used to it you don’t realize that through that car window everything you see is just more TV. You’re a passive observer and it is all moving by you boringly in a frame. On a cycle the frame is gone…
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Municipal Liability

Municipal Liability

In March of 2014, five private companies responsible for snow clearing in Ontario contacted Global News to warn the public that “safety isn’t what it should be and the government needs to invest more.” Global News interviewed Darcy Romaine in response…
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Nursing Home Negligence

Much of what we do at BolandRomaine involves helping people whose lives have been severely diminished because of someone’s thoughtlessness, carelessness, stupidity or ignorance….
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Pedestrian Accidents

There is simply no contest between a pedestrian and an automobile. When drivers disregard the rules of the road, the consequences are grave…
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Psychological Disorders

Accidents do not only result in physical injuries they can also cause psychological or psychiatric distress. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed as suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, a post-traumatic stress disorder, depression… Read More


Skiing Accidents

It is no surprise that skiers and snowboarders often suffer injury because of their own mistakes. While the risk of injury is accepted, what ought not be accepted is the risk of injury because of the ski hill or ski patrols negligence…. Read More


Spinal Cord Injury

The frightening consequences of a spinal cord injury are both self-evident and not. Many people can envision the frustration of moving about in a wheel chair…. Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury-extra

Traumatic Brain Injury

The mind is the most distinguishing faculty of mankind. When it is injured the consequences are of course significant. Even mild traumatic brain injuries can change the very nature of a person, or affect the person’s judgment, forever… Read More

Truck Accidents-extra

Truck Accidents

Commercial trucking is the lifeblood of our economy. In 2005, the trucking industry is estimated to have generated $67 billion in revenue. Transportation Canada reports that more than 600,000 heavy trucks wind through the veins of our highway systems every day… Read More


Wrongful Death

Neither we, nor the law, can pretend to appreciate the depth of your loss. We recognize that the untimely deaths capsize the family financially and most certainly emotional, and that lawsuits, though necessary, prolong closure… Read More

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